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JiaXinDe Chemicals was initially founded in Kunming in 1995, later in January 2016, the company was renamed and since then started operating under JiaXinDe Chemicals (Hong Kong) International Limited and Yunnan Litto Chemicals Corporation.


We specialize in exporting and importing high-quality chemical materials including PVC auxiliary, rubber additives, coating, agricultural chemicals etc. which are purchased from/sold to countries and regions ranging from Europe, Middle-East to Southeast Asia.


With the rapid development of science nowadays, there have been numerous kinds of new materials emerging on the market, as well as the new application methods. We will continuously keep up with the up-to-date technology, make great efforts to achieve the ultimate cost-effectiveness and customer satisfaction. Green, Environment is the way for us to research and promote.Bio-pesticides and organic fertilizer we try best to do.


We always believe that the professionalism and prompt customer service are equally important as the product quality. We are devoted to establish a professional and highly-efficient team. Litto Chemicals earnestly welcomes any candidates with a keen focus in career development to join us!


Our motto: Absolute sincerity, practicality, expansion and advancement.


Our aim: Optimal financial credit, top efficiency and first-class customer service.

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